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Fossil Hunting Trips

After over 25 years of fossil hunting as a hobby, I have developed a strong network of ethical and reputable guide businesses that I trust. That means that we can hunt together while we discuss topics and results from our coaching sessions, without the pressure of trying to find the best spots to work in.

Guided Adventures

Primarily, I offer these tours in the Gainesville, Fl area for single day hunting, and in/around the Peace River for 2-day trips. Other locations and exploratory trips are also available. Costs will be in addition to coaching fees and will be based on the cost for services rendered at each business/venue. I carry a multi-user fossil permit, so you do not need your own. (I encourage you to acquire one anyway!) Whatever we find during the dig will be logged and reported to the Florida Museum of Natural History as and if required. Every hunt is locality is different. There cannot be a guarantee of what will be found. In accordance with Florida Law, no bank digging or collection of native artifacts on public lands is permitted. As needed, I have and can provide, tents, camping equipment, and kayaks for use at an additional fee. All of my services are subject to my availability. I operate primarily on weekends only.

Mudslingers Tours, Gainesville Florida

Mudslingers Tours, owned and operated by Hurley J. Hurley, is the best available guide in Gainesville. I have known Hurley for years and trust his ethical and conservation-oriented process. He has many fantastic, fossil-rich spots and is a wealth of knowledge on fossils in the area.

Fossil Recovery Exploration, Arcadia, Florida

Fossil Recovery Exploration, founded by Ken Folman and owned by Chris Mandell, is the best fossil guide service in the Peace River area. They have a large-scale operation that includes air boat and swamp buggy tours, dry land digs and more. I have actively partnered with them for years as a fossil guide and friend.

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