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10% off for all Veterans and Active Service Members, police and firefighters! 
Advance payment in full is required to reserve space. Please send payment via Venmo:  @John-Michael-Brown
or CashApp: $JohnMichaelBrown904

Services: Tours


Base Rate $200.00*

My fossil tours are completely customized, privately guided, fossil tours.

That means that we can hunt together one on one, or you can bring your own small group. (I do not offer large, multi-group tours at this time). I want to be able to take you to great spots and make sure you get plenty of individualized attention. There is no set duration or frequency with which I offer tours. When you book with me, we will customize the trip entirely around you and your party. I am happy to hunt with you to your satisfaction. In other words, once you hire me, I am at your disposal for the day. I have over twenty years experience fossil hunting all over Florida. I will do my best to keep you on productive fossil sites and help to identify everything you find. I always strive to go the extra mile to make your trip successful and memorable!

How it works: We will embark on a fossil hunt in one of Florida's many fossil-rich rivers or creeks to dig and sift for fossils and shark teeth.

Primarily, I offer these tours in the Gainesville, FL area for single day hunting, and in/around the Peace River. for 2 day trips**. Other locations and exploratory trips are also available.

I carry a multi-user fossil permit, so you do not need your own. ( I encourage you to acquire one anyway!) Whatever we find during the dig will be logged and reported to the Florida Museum of Natural history (as and if required).

Every hunt and locality is different. There cannot be a guarantee of what will be found, but we can discuss and plan around what you want to look for, if you like. In accordance with Florida law, no bank digging or collection of native artifacts is permitted.

I charge $100 per day for each "adult" (over age 12) in the group. While well-behaved children (under 12) are free of charge and welcome on my tours, please consider their ability to fully participate and enjoy outdoor activities that involve the possibility of rough terrain, long walks or paddling trips, hours of digging, encounters with wildlife and potentially deeper water. *The base rate for all fossil hunting trips is $200.00 per day. 

**Due to the fact that I am based in NE Florida, all trips to Peace River and surrounding areas will be billed as 2-day trips. As needed, I have and can provide, tents, camping equipment, and kayaks for rent at an additional fee.

***All of my services are subject to my availability.

Sponsored Fossil Dives


$100 per tank

Sponsored Dives are an easy and fun way to kick-off, or add to, your fossil collection! 

How it works:  On a typical dive and depending on conditions, each tank of air lasts me 60-90 minutes. You can "sponsor" a dive, at a rate of $100.00 per tank (maximum of 2 tanks per day). I will dive off the coast of Venice, Florida, aboard Black Gold Fossil Charters, for fossils and shark teeth. During the course of the dive, I will periodically take pictures or videos to share the adventure with you.

Whatever I find during the course of the Sponsored Dive will be logged and reported to the Florida Museum of Natural History (as and if required) , cleaned, and then shipped to you.*

In accordance with State Law, no native artifact collection is permitted.

*Please note: As is the case with any type of hunting, there is no guarantee of what, or how much can be found. Conditions and locations will dictate the results. The total value of the fossils delivered will be limited to $500.00 in value. If an item or items is/are found exceeding that value, I reserve the right to retain those items. At my discretion, I will consider selling them to you at fair market value. Shipping costs are not included in the sponsorship fee.

**All of my services are subject to my availability.

Camping Equipment Rental/Concierge


Starting at $50.00

I have tents, cots, sleeping bags etc. available for rent. When renting a tent, the price includes the cost of two sleeping bags.

"12 person" cabin tent: $125 per day.

"10  person" cabin tent: $100 per day.

"6 person" cabin tent: $75 per day.

"4 person" dome tent: $50 per day.

Additional sleeping bags, cots, air mattresses and other camping gear can be included by request, or rented individually for $10 per item. 

*Please note that cots will take up significant tent space. You may need a larger tent or an additional tent to accommodate your party.



For an additional fee, I will deliver and set up camp for you, at the location of your choice, and arrive to take it down on your check-out date. The additional fee will be calculated based on the distance and time I have to travel.

RENT KAYAKS- I have several kayaks available to rent by the day for $50.00 per vessel. (Includes kayak, paddles and PFD). Delivery is available within 25 miles of Orange Park, FL for an additional $20.00 per vessel. OR outside of the 25 mile radius-  I will deliver the equipment and meet you at your destination, as well as pick it up at your take-out point. The additional fee will be calculated based on the distance and time I have to travel.

**Please Note: For liability reasons I am not able to provide transportation to clients or their property.

Please contact me directly for rentals.

*All services are subject to my availability.


Check here regularly for updates!

2023 EVENTS:

Apr. 22-23: Sponsored Dives

Apr. 29-30: Guest Guide and Entertainment with Fossil Recovery Explorations

May 6-7: Sponsored Dives

June 3-4: Sponsored Dives

July 1-2: Sponsored Dives

Aug. 5-6: Sponsored Dives

Sept. 2-3: Sponsored Dives

Oct. 21-22: Sponsored Dives

Nov. 4-5: Sponsored Dives

Dec. 2-3: Sponsored Dives

On dates that I am scheduled to dive, if you want to dive WITH me, please Contact Black Gold Fossil Charters directly- Captain Michael Nastasio at 941.893.0669 or at

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