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Sponsored Dives

How it works: On a typical dive and depending on conditions, each tank of air lasts ,e 60-90 minutes. You can sponsor a dive, at a rate of $85 per tank (maximum of 2 tanks per day). I will dive off the coast of Venice, FL aboard Black Gold Fossil Charters, for fossils and shark teeth.   During the course of the dive, I will periodically take pictures or videos to share the adventure with you. Whatever I find during the course of the dive will be logged and reported to the Florida Museum of Natural History as and if required. I will clean them, and ship to you. In accordance with State law, no native artifact collection is permitted on public lands. Please note: as is the case with any type of hunting, there is no guarantee of what, or how much can be found. Conditions and locations will dictate the results. The total value of the fossils delivered will be limited to $500.00 in value. If an item or items are found exceeding that value, I reserve the right to retain those items. At my discretion, I will consider selling them to you at fair market value. Shipping costs are not included in the sponsorship fee. Service subject to my availability.

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